Sublimation Lanyard

Sublimation lanyard is imprinted lanyard by heat transfer which is full color printed as same as other printing works so that we can use sublimation printed on lanyard as well in width 15 mm. 20 mm and 25 mm. You can see sublimation lanyard often in running competition event. 

• 1 side printed or 2 side printed. 
• imprinted on white polyester lanyard 
• assembly with plastic clip or metal clip.
• Artwork in AI file

Sublimation with snap hook

2 side printed Metal clip or Plastic clipต  sewing at lanyard joint.


Sublimation with 2 side hook

This design good for big size of card holder  • Strong lanyard, use it in sport event or company conference 


Sublimation Safety Hook

2 sided imprinted   metal hook or Plastic hook  addition option by safety hook and release hook for function usage and beautiful